SR Series      Waterless Incinerating Toilet  

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After the toilet has been used, all waste, liquid waste, and paper gets moved into the burn chamber by an auger. Automatically, a built in burner ignites and starts the incineration process. The incineration process continues until all of the waste material is gone. This process takes about 5-10 minutes for a short cycle (liquid waste) and 20-30 minutes for a long cycle (waste).

The SR models can be run off Propane, Diesel or Natural Gas (see technical info)

All SR models are equipped with a control board and display panel that signals when the incineration process is completed. The panel also indicates if there have been too many frequent usages, or if ignition issue needs attention (i.e. out of Propane or Diesel).

Only periodically, the burn chamber needs to be emptied of some ash. The ash is sterile and hence not harmful. The cleaning of ashes can be done from the outside of the toilet; a special cleaning lid and cap to the burn chamber can be accessed from the back of the unit, which makes the cleaning process very easy and sanitary. A standard ShopVac is recommended to use to vacuum the ashes out.
In order to keep the auger and bowl clean, the toilets are all equipped with a small water reservoir of about 1 quart of water. By pushing a rinse button, some water can be rinsed in the bowl and auger. Bowl liners may also be used to ensure a more hygienic unit. As an option, a catalytic converter with a fan that cleans the outgoing air is also available for purchase.


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