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Q. Is the SR difficult to install?
A. No. With the purchase you will get the entire chimney system along with easy direction of how to install the unit. After the chimney has been installed with the toilet, you only need to connect the fuel and the power.

Q. Can the vent pipe go out through the wall?
A. Yes. By adding a 90 degree vent piece (or two 45 degree pieces), it is possible to route the vent out through the side of the house as well as going straight up through the roof (which is recommended).  



Q. How is SR different from a composting toilet?
A. The SR model uses Propane, Natural Gas, or Diesel fuel to incinerate all the waste in a few minutes. With a composting toilet, it will take several months for the waste to decompose.

Q. How does the incineration process work?
A. An auger moves the waste into a special burn chamber that is located in the rear of the toilet. A burner then incinerates the waste into a very small amount of sterile ash.

Q. Can the toilet be used during its incineration process?
A. Yes, this is one of the unique functions of the SR. If the toilet lid is being lifted up, it will automatically stop the auger to move and shut down the incineration process. This is one of the safety functions that this model has and contributes to a completely safe and reliable incinerating toilet.

Q. How long does a burn cycle take?
A. A short burn cycle (liquid waste) takes about 5-10 minutes, and a long burn cycle (waste) takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Q. Does it operate in colder climate?
A. Yes. This is another reason why the SR series is so popular in areas where there is a colder climate. Most other toilet solutions don’t operated well in colder climate, whereas the SR series works without problems. Since its patented technology incinerates the waste in a burn chamber, there is no risk of freeze ups or malfunctioning in colder climates.

Q. Is there any unpleasant odor?
A. No. The burning process operates on very high temperatures, which eliminate any bad septic odor. As an option, one can also purchase a special catalytic converter that cleans the outgoing air. With the catalytic converter, a chimney fan can also be purchased, which ensures a good airflow and that no air is coming back to the restroom.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes. Several testing agencies have tested have tested this product immensely to ensure a completely safe product. The toilet is equipped with several safety devices to ensure a completely safe product.



Q. How do you keep the auger and bowl clean if there is no water to flush with?
A. For cleaning purpose, the SR is equipped with a small water container (1/4 gallon), which can be used to keep the auger and bowl clean. By pressing a special rinse button, one can rinse a little bit of water in the bowl. Special toilet bowl liners are also available for to use: the liners gets moved into the burn chamber with the waste material which helps to keep the auger/bowl clean.

Q. How often do I need to clean out the ashes?
A. The SR models are extremely efficient and require very low maintenance. On average usage (in a 3-4 people household), the chamber needs to be cleaned out 1-2 times every six months.

Q. Is it difficult to emptying the ashes?
A. No. A special cleaning lid can be access from the outside of the toilet; underneath the lid there is a screw cap that needs to be opened in order to reach the burn chamber. The entire cleaning process only takes a few minutes.



Q. What is the capacity?
A. The SR5 models are built to handle up to 6 people; the SR20 models can handle 10 people.

Q. How much fuel is being used?
A. Not much. The cost for the fuel consumption is on average 8-10 cents per flush.

Q. How much electricity is being consumed?
A. Minimal. It only needs electricity to run the auger for 30 seconds (1.5 amps), to ignite the burner (1.5 amps), and to run the optional vent fan for 60 seconds (3 amps).

Q. What are the power requirements?
A. They can be powered by either 12V DC or 120V AC. Specify before purchase.

Q. What tech support can I expect if anything is malfunctioning?
A. If you have any difficulties with the toilet, GII's tech support is always available to assist if there are any difficulties with the unit. They can be easily accessible through the ECOJOHN website ( or by calling GII at (1-866-ECOJOHN).



Q. What type of warranty to I get with the toilet?
A. GII offers a 1 year factory warranty on all SR models.



Q. Who is the manufacturer of ECOJOHN?
A. Global Inventive Industries (GII) is the manufacturer of the ECOJOHN products.

Q. Are there any local dealers where I live?
A. GII is expanding its dealers; please contact GII for more information.

Q. How can I become a dealer of ECOJOHN?

A. Contact GII at 1-866-ECOJOHN, or email at:


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