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Septic Alternative Solutions    Sewage Blackwater and Greywater Combustion System

In today's society there are more and more regulations for installing septic tanks. Due to various reasons such as property is too close to water table, the house is in an FEMA flood zone area, old septic tank is failing, or it is just not practical/cost efficient to install a new septic system. In these situations a septic alternative is required and this is where Ecojohn can help. Ecojohn has developed a new sewage incinerator system that can process sewage (black/grey water) into a small amount of sterile ash. The ash is sterile and can easily be disposed of.

All sewage from the property/building needs to get plumbed into a waste holding tank that can be installed away from the house or below in a basement/crawl space etc. (the tank can be installed below ground or above ground). The sewage then gets pumped into the incinerator when needed and the incineration process commences. The system will operate automatically as long as there is sewage in the tank. Once the tank is empty, the system will shut down and put itself in a standby mode.

The size of incinerator and tanks depends on the usage and number of people in the residence. To easier understand what size of system is required, a table below is summarizing the estimated volume and recommended system.

Estimated Incinerator Calculation for Cabins and Residential with Low Flush Toilets and Low Flow Shower Head

# of People
Water Wastewater Gal/Day Model
Yes Toilets only 5-10 WC5 Mini
No Toilets only 0 SR5
Yes All Sewage 15-30 WC5/WC32
Yes Toilets Only 15-20 WC5/WC32
No Toilets Only 0 SR5
Yes All Sewage 45-60 WC32/WC48
Yes Toilets Only 30-50 WC32
No Toilets Only 0 SR12
Yes All Sewage 90-150 WC48/2xWC48
Quick Facts
  • Incinerates sewage from a waste holding tank
  • Interfaces with flushing toilets, showers, sinks, laundry, dishwasher
  • Provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits
  • Eliminate costly and potential harmful issue associated with a standard pump out
  • Eliminates the need for septic tank
  • No chemicals
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Incinerator may be installed up to 300 ft. from the house
  • Waterless urinals may be hooked up to system
  • Incinerator can be installed outside but needs to be protected from water and freezing temperatures
  • In colder climates, tank heaters and insulation can be added to prevent tanks from freezing
  • Withstand high usage and a severe environment
  • Control board that monitors operation and displays operating mode
  • Upgraded control board available for remote monitoring (sent by text or email)
  • CSA and CE Approved
  • Interfaces with single or multiple toilets
  • Waterless urinals may be hooked up to system

  • A low-flush toilet dissolves the waste with the built in macerator pump
  • Standard dual flush toilets or vacuum toilets may be used
  • Multiple toilets can be connected to one system
  • Showers, sinks, and urinals may also be connected to the system
  • Toilets can be used during the incineration
  • Moves black water into waste tank
  • Sensor signals level in tank
  • Automatically pump in waste water and commence incinerator when waste tank fills up
  • Pump and burn process repeats itself until waste tank is empty
  • Puts itself in standby when the waste tank is empty
  • May be set in Manual, Automatic Mode, or Timer Mode
  • May be set to commence incinerator at a certain time i.e. midnight
  • Easy operating control panel
  • Control panel displays multiple functions i.e. temperature, levels in tanks


The components in the system are plug-and-play which makes the installation process uncomplicated. Below are some basic facts about the installation:

  • The incinerator must be placed above ground
  • Waste holding tank and incinerator can be placed up to 300 ft away from toilet
  • Incinerator and waste tank must be installed within 10 ft of each other unless the incinerator is installed below the waste tank i.e. crawl space.
  • The incinerator can be installed up to 5 ft above the waste tank
  • Incinerator must be installed inside a weather proof building/structure
  • Incinerator requires 5 inches clearance from any wall
  • 1 ft clearance is recommended in front of the clean out door and burner door on the incinerator
  • Should not be installed or operated in an area where there is a risk of an accumulation of flammable vapors or dust
  • The chimney has to be a minimum of 7 ft long
  • The chimney can be vented out through the side wall using elbows

Please consult with ECOJOHNŽ for specific installations.

Download specific installation instructions in the download section.    


The waste combustion system is a very reliable in operation and maintenance free if operated as per the manufacturer's instructions. The maintenance can easily be done by one person and consists of filling up water in water tank (unless a pressurized water system is used), filling up fuel, and periodically empty ashes from burn chamber.

WC5 Mini WC5 WC32 WC48
Fuel Propane Propane Propane Propane
Natural Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas
Diesel Diesel Diesel
Operating Voltage
12V DC
12V DC
12V DC 12V DC
120V AC 120V AC 120V AC 120V AC
  240V AC 240V AC 240V AC
25"(H) x 16"(W) x 24"(L)
27"(H) x 29"(W) x 39"(L)
35"(H) x 30"(W) x 48.5"(L) 35"(H) x 30"(W)x 64"(L)
130 lbs
200 lbs
250 lbs 300 lbs
Burning Capacity
0.5 gal/hr
1-1.5 gal/hr
2.5-3 gal/hr 5-6 gal/hr
Fuel Consumption Propane
0.12 gal/hr
0.37 gal/hr
0.74 gal/hr 1.39 gal/hr
  Natural Gas
0.34 gal/hr
0.68 gal/hr 1.27 gal/hr
  Diesel N/A
0.4 gal/hr
0.6 gal/hr 0.9 gal/hr
Operating Temperature
32F to 140F
32F to 140F
32F to 140F 32F to 140F
Electrical Load     12V DC: 11-12 Amp/hr      120V AC: 3-4 Amp/hr

The incinerator is a very safe and convenient appliance when assembled and used properly. In order to provide a high quality system, we have chosen to only use top quality materials that are made to withstand high usage and severe environment. During the production, it goes through several meticulous testing procedures to monitor quality control. The products have also been approved and certified by several worldwide testing agencies such as CE and CSA. The incinerators are equipped with very efficient burners that ensure safety, reliabilty and very low emission.


I'm an owner of a WC32 Incinerator. This product has really changed waste handling. Great product with good customer service. ECOJOHN waste combustion is the best septic alternative solutions.
Brian - AK

ECOJOHN guided me to what was the ultimate solution for my situation. Initially, I wanted a bigger system, but ECOJOHN told me that the smaller less expensive system would work great for me, and they were right! Thanks ECOJOHN!

I waited too long to buy my ECOJOHN. I have a small cabin in a very remote paradise - but dealing with human waste issues really was nothing I looked forward to every summer. A friend told me about ECOJOHN, and I was soon an owner to a SR5. Two years later, I expanded my cabin and also added a guest house. No doubt about going with ECOJOHN again - this time I went with ECOJOHN again - this time I went with the WC model. I was pleased with my SR5 - but the WC5 really took incineration toilets to the next level. Now, I consider adding another toilet and I can just hook it up to my existing WC5. Now, I can truly enjoy my cabin in paradise. THANK YOU!
John H, Fiji

Our ECOJOHN mobile restroom is here to stay! No more porta potties! We absolutely love our mobile restroom that no need for pump-out.
Chuck A - Construction Owner

Fabulous Product! The best investment!
Karen AZ

Enjoy my ECOJOHN WC - ready to work every day! 5 minutes clean out every month - it sure works for me!
Victor - DC


List of Clients

U.S. Forest Department
U.S. Military and DoD
Canadian Government
Oil/Gas Industry
Relief Organizations

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