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Oil and Gas Industries

Well site trailers and accommodation units have come a long way in the last few years. Structures that were once famous among oilfield workers for being uncomfortable and generally unpleasant to be in are now no longer good enough for companies that are serious about employee retention.

Our units are designed to be eco friendly, comfortable, high quality, robust and highly portable. The ability to order a unit with its own skids underneath allows you to quickly transport these units to your site and then place them without the requirement to pre-build foundations. If you need a unit that you can move around, we can build the same unit on a trailer instead of a skid. If you have any specific requirements we can customize the structure to fit your needs.

Self-contained mobile units are the ideal way to keep costs down. Also by providing nicer trailers for your staff you can gain productivity and moral. With many floor plans to choose from, our self-contained units offer a range of ideas to suit any requirements. You can view some of our floorplans here.

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