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Announcing the launch of its new "green" product line with eco-friendly recycling products, tying in nicely with a global focus on environmental conservation. Please check on our products.

ECOJOHNŽ is continuing to expand its global customers. A large number of systems have been installed in very remote and difficult regions in South America. The products have a great track record and more installations are underway.

ECOJOHNŽ is now installed and in operation in the world's largest refugee camp where sanitation is a major problem. Due to the efficient design and high quality ECOJOHNŽ can handle all types of climates, from very hot to extreme cold and windy environments. The temperature in the Sahara desert is for the most part of the year 60+C or 150F.
Septic tanks and sanitation is a huge problem in the refugee camps and ECOJOHNŽ is proud to announce that it is the only company in the world that has such a system installed!

ECOJOHN® is proud to announce that we now have products installed in all seven continents of the world. We keep striving to push our market to ensure we provide the best toilet solution for remote applications and remain the world leader in remote waste management.
Contact us if you want to be a part of ECOJOHN® and distribute our products worldwide.

During September 5-7, 2012 one can come and take at the ECOJOHN® SR5 toilet installed in an off grid home displayed at the show. The SR5 model is an ideal toilet solution in off grid homes where septic and sewage systems are prohibited or too expensive to install.

U.S. Navy purchases toilets and waste combustion systems from Global Inventive Industries. The WC48 toilet systems will be used by their soldiers in remote locations in Alaska.
Alaska has vast regions of land and installing a standard toilet can be logistically very difficult and exceptionally costly. As of recently, composting toilets or a simple hole in the ground has been the only solution. However, thanks to green technology provided by Global Inventive Industries, most of these issues may be resolved in a more efficient way.
The WC48 incinerators connect to one holding tank, which is connected to multiple low flush toilets. Since providing water is no obstacle on site, WC48 is an ideal solution and no black water needs to be pumped out or dumped in the environment. The only remain is a small amount of sterile ash.

The Canadian military (Department of National Defense) has awarded Global Inventive Industries a contract to supply its waterless incinerating toilets for the Arctic Region. The toilets will be used for remote camps where no treatment plants are available.

ECOJOHN® is to provide SR5 toilets to the U.S. Forest Department. These toilets are mainly being installed at remote Guard Stations. The toilets run on 12VDC and Propane; therefore no regular septic or sewages system is required. A solar system may also be  provided, which keeps batteries charged.
The SR5 is the ultimate solution for remote applications where usage is relatively low and there is no access to water or septic/sewage. 

Global Inventive Industries (GII) has been awarded a U.S. Government contract to supply its waste combustion systems to McMurdo, Antarctica. GII manufactures special incinerating toilet systems/buildings and these are installed in Antarctica. Antarctica has one of the most extreme environments on earth. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents. The temperature in Antarctica has reached −89 °C (−129 °F).
NSF (National Science Foundation)  has a strong presence in McMurdo and is using a custom built  mobile building with incinerators from GII. The logistical and environmental problems related to waste handling in Antarctica is massive and the ECOJOHN® products will help solve some of these issues. 

Modular Lifestyles, LLC, a Green Modular Home Manufacturer, are exhibiting their new designed
modular home at the Green Expo in Sacramento April 24-25, 2010. The new featured Energy
Efficient Green home will be demonstrating the ECOJOHN toilet (SR5 model) installed in the home.
Since the ECOJOHN products don’t require any connection to sewage or septic systems, they are
an ideal solution for these types of homes/applications.

Booth # 203, 205, 207, 209, 211, 213, 302, 304, 306, 308, 310, 312

Global Industrial Industries is proud to announce four (4) new models of ECOJOHN® toilets and
incinerating units to our environmentally safe (Green) incinerating toilet line.
Place: The 2009 International Builders Show and Next Build, Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth S10102, South Hall)

Global Industrial Industries is proud to announce four (4) new models of ECOJOHN toilets and incinerating units to our environmentally safe (Green) incinerating toilet line.  The SR12 expands the present propane model incinerating toilet to be available with natural gas and diesel burners. The WC32 and WC48 models are incinerators that add increased capacity to the amount of waste being burned, as well as the ability to be fueled either by propane, natural gas or diesel fuel. All units are vented into the open air with no harmful elements or odor. 

The SR12 model is a free standing waterless toilet capable of operation in either remote areas or being mounted in a trailer.  The SR12 requires only 2-12Volt DC (standard auto) batteries or 120V AC and a fuel source such as propane, natural gas or diesel fuel.  The SR12 applications may include use in cabins, basements, by swimming pools, roof tops or be mounted in trailers, boats or motor homes.  Because of the incineration of the waste there are no smelly odors, chemicals or residual waste to deal with that are normally associated with portable toilets.  

The WC32 and WC48 models of ECOJOHN can be purchased mounted in a mobile trailer with low flush toilets and a holding tank for mobile use or as a free standing unit capable of being installed in a fixed location.  Applications for the WC32 and WC48 may include such applications as: construction trailers or sites, mining operations, oil fields, parks, golf courses, motor homes, work shops, remote camps, and barges.  

The WC32 is capable of burning up to 3 gallons of waste per hour.

The WC48 is capable of burning up to 5 gallons of waste per hour. 

The new models join the existing models of ECOJOHN toilets and incinerating units that include the: BASIC (a composting toilet); SR5 (a free standing incinerating toilet using propane); WC5 ( a propane burning incinerating unit capable of burning waste from a holding tank at 1 gallon per hour).

Products can be viewed either at Booth S10102 located in the South Hall during the 2009 International Builders show and Next Build (January 20-23) or at our website at  Additional company and product information can be obtained by contacting Global Inventive Industries, Inc. at: (714) 568-1077. 


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