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    Military and Border Security


    Oil/Gas Drilling

    Emergency/Disaster Areas



    Fairs & Festivals

    Sporting Events


    Corporate Parties
    ECOJOHNŽ designs and manufactures a wide variety of mobile restroom trailers, skids, containerized units, and shower trailers ranging from heavy duty built industrial buildings to residential or upscale luxury units. Regardless of your requirements, ECOJOHNŽ has a mobile restroom to fit your needs.
    ECOJOHNŽ supplies upscale portable restrooms that are ideal for events such as weddings, corporate parties, sporting events, and festivals. The restrooms are available for rent in Orange County, CA. Please contact us for more information and rates.

ECOJOHNŽ has carefully designed and developed mobile restrooms and incinerator buildings for many years. Due to the patented efficient technology the units are adaptable to virtually any environment and power source. ECOJOHNŽ is regarded as the most efficient waste combustion solutions and our customers agree our products are not only superior, but also have low maintenance, high quality, attractive design, and work in off-grid locations. We offer propane, natural gas, and diesel incinerators.

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