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With the ongoing Ebola epidemic in Africa there is a huge demand for medical assistance and products/equipment that can improve the conditions in these disaster regions. New medical hospitals are being setup and military and medical support are being flown in to help stabilize the situation.

One of the major problems with Ebola is how incredible infectious the virus is. New strict safeguards have been established by CDC (Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention) and there are stringent regulations on how to deal with Ebola-associated waste. Below are regulations related to waste management in these areas (text from CDC's website):

Ebola-associated waste that has been appropriately incinerated, autoclaved, or otherwise inactivated is not infectious, does not pose a health risk, and is not considered to be regulated medical waste or a hazardous material under Federal law. Therefore, such waste no longer is considered a Category A infectious substance and is not subject to the requirements of the HMR.

  • Inactivation or incineration of Ebola-associated waste within a hospital system may be subject to state, local and OSHA regulations.
On-site inactivation
  • Ebola-associated waste may be inactivated through the use of appropriate autoclaves. Other methods of inactivation (e.g., chemical inactivation) have not been standardized and would need to consider worker safety issues, as well as the potential for triggering other Federal safety regulations.
On-site incineration
  • Ebola-associated waste may be incinerated. The products of incineration (i.e., the ash) can be transported and disposed of in accordance with state and local regulations and standard protocols for hospital waste disposal.
  • Ebola-associated waste disposal is subject to state and local regulations. Ebola-associated waste that has been appropriately inactivated or incinerated is not infectious and is not considered to be regulated medical waste or a hazardous material under Federal law.


Due to the fact that hygiene and sanitation is vital for the control process at medical camps in Ebola-associated regions, the type of equipment and waste management solutions used is very important. Isolation rooms are required and all medical waste as well as sewage waste needs to be treated correctly. By incinerating all sewage waste (black and gray water) into sterile ash, the ECOJOHN systems help to reduce the risk of spreading the highly infection virus ECOJOHN has completely waterless incinerating toilets as well as mobile incinerator units that can be connected to existing toilet solutions and ensure the black and gray water gets incinerated into ash. For new installations, ECOJOHN offers turnkey mobile restrooms where toilets, sinks, and sewage incinerators are preinstalled in the buildings. These buildings (trailers, skids, or ISO containers) can be drop-shipped to site and be ready for immediate use.

Ecojohn is the exclusive manufacturer of proprietary sewage incinerators and incinerator buildings that are supreme for disaster/relief and medical camps. To learn more about these systems, contact our sales team at: 1-866-ECOJOHN or by email:



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