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TinyJohn    Tiny Waterless Incineration Toilet

ECOJOHN TinyJohn is a compact and clean designed waterless self-contained gas fired toilet that incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that needs to be emptied periodically.

The TinyJohn models provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits and are great in areas where a standard toilet is not practical to install.



Tiny Houses, cabins, RVs, Boats, guest houses, additions etc.

2-3 person full time, lower capacity usage areas

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Quick Facts
  • Waterless incinerating toilet
  • No need for septic systems or compost
  • No chemicals
  • 12V DC or 120V / 240V AC
  • Operates completely off grid
  • Withstand high usage and a severe environment
  • Easy control board with push buttons and display of statuses and messages

  • Easy to install, maintain and use
  • Can be installed in fixed or mobile applications
  • Easy access to clean out ash
  • Light weight and can be easily transported
  • Works in cold climate and high elevation
  • No pump out or sewer required
  • Meets emission regulations

After the toilet has been used, all waste material and paper drops down into the burn chamber. It is recommended to use a bowl liner for a waste flush. No liners are required for liquid waste. The incineration process then starts up and continues until all of the waste material is gone and turned into a small amount of sterile ash. A full burn cycle takes about 1 hour, but even though the toilet is going through a burn cycle, the toilet can be used 4 times in a row. Once it reach max capacity, one has to wait for the burn cycle completes. Upon completion, a cycle complete light comes on and the toilet can be used again. TinyJohn runs on propane gas. In addition, 12V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC is required. The toilet has a built-in circuit board that monitors the operations and will let the user know if the burn cycles have completed, reached max capacity, or if there are any error i.e. out of fuel.


Given that the toilet is a completely self-contained, the installation process is very straight forward and can be done by a general contractor. Once the included vent system has been installed through the roof or out through the wall, the fuel line and power source can be connected. Following connecting the power, and checking for any fuel leaks as per directions in the owner's manual, one can start to use the toilet.

  • Completely self-contained. No need to install any separate tanks (except fuel)
  • Must be installed inside a weather proof building/structure
  • Requires 5 inches clearance from any wall
  • Ash tray can easily be accessible in front of the toilet
  • Should not be installed or operated in an area where there is a risk of an accumulation of flammable vapors or dust

If the toilet has to be left for a longer time, simply shut down the power and turn off the propane gas.



Periodically, the burn chamber needs to be emptied of sterile ash. Cleaning of ashes can be done from the outside of the toilet; a special collection tray can be accessed from the front of the unit.

The toilets are all equipped with a small water reservoir of about 1 quart of water. By pushing a rinse button, water rinses the bowl. In addition, bowl liners may be used.  As an option, a catalytic converter with a fan that cleans the outgoing air is also available for TinyJohn.

Technical Info

Operating Voltage
12V DC, 120V AC, 240V AC
Hourly Btu Input
10,000 Btu/hr
Operation: -35 to 140 F
Polypropylene Plastic
Electrical Load
12V DC: 1.5 Amp/hr
120V AC: 0.15 Amp/hr
Propane Consumption
Urine Cycle: 0.07 lbs/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.18 lbs/cycle
Height 26"
Width 17"
Depth 23"
Sitting Depth 22"
Weight 49 lbs

The TinyJohn has been approved by multiple European laboratories (earning the CE mark for excellence in product safety and design)   

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