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Our residential toilets are designed to handle lower capacity applications where it may be difficult to install a regular toilet. The installation is easy and can be done by a local contractor. Below are a few applications where our toilets are installed and are designed for.

  • Cottages / Cabins
  • Campgrounds
  • Guest / Pool Houses
  • Basements
The smallest models we offer for cabins and other low capacity usages is our SR5 (waterless incinerating toilet) and BASIC (waterless composting toilet).

If the usage is more than 4-5 people (full time) our bigger SR12 model is recommended.

In addition to the popular waterless incinerating toilets, we also offer a smaller waste combustion system (WC5) that operates with 1 or 2 low flush toilets.

Learn more about the different models and how they operate by following the links below.

SR Series – Waterless Incinerating Toilets
WC Series – Waste Combustion System with Low Flush Toilets
BASIC Series - Waterless Composting Toilets

Coming soon

ECOJOHNŽ has carefully designed and developed waste combustion systems for many years which are adaptable to virtually any environment and power source. ECOJOHNŽ is regarded as the most efficient waste combustion solutions and our customers agree our products are not only superior, but also have low maintenance, high quality, attractive design, and work in off-grid locations. We offer propane, natural gas, and diesel incinerators.

incinerating toilet

 waste combustion system

 waterless toilet


 portable restroom
   Waterless Incinerating Toilets      

Sewage Incinerator
Septic Alternative
Waterless Composting Toilets
Mobile Incinerator Unit
Mobile Restrooms
 No septic or discharge required No septic or discharge required
     No pump-outs required
     Built-in waste incinerating system

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