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SR Series   Waterless Incinerating Toilet

The SR series include environmentally friendly incinerating toilets that lead the way in the waterless disposal of waste. It was developed to solve economical and logistical problems in remote waste handling applications; in such applications, there may not be any available sewage systems; septic tanks may not be allowed; or it is simply expensive or difficult to install a standard water flushing toilet. Every model is waterless self-contained toilet that incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that needs to be emptied periodically.


SR5 - 4 people full time; cabin, summer house, lower capacity usage areas
SR12 - 8-10 people full time; residential and smaller commercial applications - oil rigs, construction sites, camps, military, refugee camps, disaster relief, house boats etc

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 waste combustion system
Quick Facts

- Waterless incinerating toilet
- Currently 2 different sizes: SR5 and SR12 models
- Propane, natural gas and diesel fueled
- 12V DC, 120V AC, and 240V AC
- Leaves minimal residue (sterile ashes)
- Residential and commercial applications
- Easy operating display panel with 2 flush buttons
- Commences incineration process immediately after flushing the toilet - no effluent stays in the burn chamber non-incinerated
- Equipped with small water reservoir for cleaning purposes
- Allows multiple usages in a row
- Bowl liners may be used
- Circuit board that controls burn cycles and operation

- Catalytic converter and draft fan may be used
- Urine cycle 5-10 minutes
- Waste cycle 35-40 minutes
- May be used during incineration process. Burner shuts down if toilet lid opens
- Included 6" double wall vent pipe removes harmless resultants steam
- CE mark, DEQ (IDAHO)
- Withstand harsh environments
- Meets emission regulations
- Operates in cold climate and high altitude

After the toilet has been used, all waste material and paper gets moved into the burn chamber by an auger. The incineration process continues until all of the waste material is gone. This process takes about 5-10 minutes for a short cycle (liquid waste) and 35- 40 minutes for long cycle.

The SR5 models use propane, and the SR12 models run on propane, natural gas, or diesel. In addition 12V DC, 120V AC, or 240V AC is required. The electricity is required to run the auger and commence the burn cycles.

The toilets have a built in circuit board that monitors the operations and will let the user know if the burn cycles have completed, max capacity, or if there are any error i.e. out of fuel.


Given that the toilet is a completely self contained, the installation process is straight forward and can be done by a general contractor. Once the included chimney system has been installed through the roof or out through the wall with an elbow, the fuel line and power source can be connected. Following connecting the power, and checking for any fuel leaks as per directions in the owner's manual, one can start to use the toilet.

  • Completely self-contained. No need to install any separate tanks (except fuel)
  • Must be installed inside a weather proof building/structure
  • Requires 5 inches clearance from any wall
  • 1 ft clearance is recommended behind the toilet in order to access the burn chamber clean out port
  • Should not be installed or operated in an area where there is a risk of an accumulation of flammable vapors or dust
  • The chimney has to be a minimum of 7 ft long
  • The chimney can be vented out through the side wall using elbows

If the toilet has to be left for a certain time, simply shut down the power and turn off the power.



Periodically, the burn chamber needs to be emptied of sterile ash. Cleaning of ashes can be done from the outside of the toilet; a special cleaning lid and cap to the burn chamber can be accessed from the back of the unit. A standard ShopVac is recommended to use to vacuum the ashes.

The toilets are all equipped with a small water reservoir of about 1 quart of water. By pushing a rinse button, water rinses the bowl and auger. In addition, bowl liners may be used.  As an option, a catalytic converter with a fan that cleans the outgoing air is also available for the SR5.

Technical Info

SR12 SR12
Propane, Natural Gas Diesel
Operating Voltage
12V DC, 120V AC, 240V AC
12V DC, 120V AC, 240V AC 12V DC, 120V AC, 240V AC
Hourly Btu Input
18,000 Btu/hr
50,000 Btu/hr 70,000 Btu/hr
Operation: -35 to 140 F
Operation: -35 to 140 F Operation: -35 to 140 F
Polypropylene Plastic
Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
Electrical Load
12V DC: 2-3 Amp/hr
120V AC: 0.2-0.4 Amp/hr
12V DC: 11-12 Amp/hr
120V AC: 3-4 Amp/hr
12V DC: 11-12 Amp/hr
120V AC: 3-4 Amp/hr
Propane Consumption
Urine Cycle: 0.14 lbs/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.35 lbs/cycle
Urine Cycle: 0.14 lbs/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.35 lbs/cycle
Natural Gas Consumption
Urine Cycle: 0.04 therm/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.1 therm/cycle
Diesel Consumption
Urine Cycle: 0.03 gal/cycle
Waste Cycle: 0.08 gal/cycle
Height 28" 32" 44"
Width 23" 25" 25"
Depth 38" 39" 42"
Sitting Depth 19" 20" 21"
Weight 132 lbs 220 lbs 250 lbs;

SR5 2 Dimensional

SR12 2 Dimensional

The SR models have also been approved by multiple European laboratories (earning the CE mark for excellence in product safety and design), and a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approval in the state of Idaho. The SR is safe when installed and operated in accordance with the owner's manual.   

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"We have had our Ecojohn two years now. We LOVE it!! Where it is has no water and no electricity. Composting toilets were not going to work for us, and this was the best solution. It is fairly odorless, (only when burning is there a slight odor) and it has no smell otherwise. It is attractive, and easy to clean. We have had no issues with it at all. It has sat in subzero temps during the winter, and is unaffected. Since it is at our camp and gets weekend use, we have yet to vacuum out the ashes as it takes a while for us to fill it. It is fine for use after use, because as soon as you lift the lid the cycle stops. It is a bit costly but very well worth it. I certainly recommend this unit to anyone."
Wendy M

"We have the SR waterless incinerating model which uses propane gas. We have had it installed for a period of time, and we are very pleased with it. You, also, have been very helpful to us on the phone when we had questions. We find the Ecojohn to be a perfect solution for our needs. We have a dog training school and have a small group of students who meet twice each week as well as for mornings when we have workshops and for private lessons."
Kath D

"Our Ecojohn is installed at a family retreat located in Upstate NY. Secluded and nestled in the woods one mile from the nearest town road, the retreat stands by itself on a hilltop amid the natural settings of a mostly hardwood deciduous climax. The road, an old logging trail, has been graded but still very much unimproved and getting to the house requires a 4WD vehicle to scale rugged terrain and three hills leading to the hilltop. The retreat is completely off the grid and there are no town services. LPG is delivered periodically in a bottle exchange. We generate electricity when needed, pump water into holding tanks which then gravity feeds into the house. An LPG fired demand water heater provides hot water and a wood burning stove provides heat. The refrigerator is also an LPG unit. On balance, the retreat is almost self sufficient and as 'green' as we feel comfortable.

Of the necessary functions of the house only the toilet discussion remains. We installed the SR5 last year after many many years of toiling with two Storburn units. The SR5 is a vast improvement over the troublesome, inefficient and old school 'hold then burn' Storburn. Alternative waste disposal, namely out houses, composting or low flush toilets could not fulfill our needs. Aside from volume restrictions, composting toilets do not work well and in cold environments require a source of heat to keep the bacteria working. Out houses are banned in many locations due to soil contamination. Besides, who wants to sit in an insect filled, cold out house in the middle of the night? Water flushing in any volume requires an entire system of septic tank and leach field not to mention unfrozen water.

When installed properly, the SR5's electronic and mechanical functions work well to incinerate waste without unnecessary intervention. One of the best features is the back to back use ability. Every incinerating cycle is initiated after use by pressing the appropriate button. Another user can immediately use the toilet and does not have to wait for the preceding incinerating cycle to end. One does not have to stare into a nasty holding tank. The unit is powered by two 12 volt batteries kept charged by solar panels fitting nicely into our eco-friendly off-grid retreat.

I highly recommend the Ecojohn. The easy setup in lends itself to retreats such as ours, disaster relief areas, military outposts, camps and other locations where water, septic systems are not possible or feasible."
Bill W

We have a summer cabin high in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana just east of Yellowstone Park. Because it is on Forest Service land, we can't have a septic tank or sewer. About 3 years ago we installed an ECOJOHN SR5 propane incinerating toilet. There have been a few issues with it related to the high altitude. However, with the help of the people at ECOJOHN, we have been able to surmount those problems and now we don't have to go out to the outdoor toilet in the cold, rain and snow.

ECOJOHN have guided me over the phone in order to help me fix things. They have not only been kind but also very patient in helping, and that has been a challenge for them in that I am a 77 year old retired physician and not an engineer or electrician. I have never had tech help that has been so good (and that includes help with my apple computer)
Don - ID

I have had my toilet almost 2 years, and don't think I will ever go back to flushing water down the pipes again. The folks at ECOJOHN have been amazing, they have always been available to help me out with all my questions and little issues, that came up while I was trying to learn the proper use of it. I can say without a doubt they will be there for your tech support, they are GREAT!
Darlene - ID

After a little rough beginning due to my lack of knowledge - my ECOJOHN SR5 is one of the best investments I ever done. Well built, easy to use, and also a green product. Very happy with it!
J.B - Vermont

I love green products and had been curious about the waterless toilets for some time. I finally called ECOJOHN and got all information needed. Now, 4 months later - I must say that I am very pleased with the performance of my ECOJOHN. I can say that ECOJOHN is the best septic alternative product. Wish everyone could have one!
Sandra C - NY

I was fortunate enough to find an EcoJohn SR5 at a yard sale, brand new in the box with everything i needed to get going. I live in rural Alaska and a septic would have been way too costly and difficult for me to get in. I am a single lady and depend on myself. I didn't plan well when building and clearing my land. I have been thinking about getting an incinerating toilet with my next PFD check.
I got it hooked up and loved not having a "honey bucket" in my cabin any longer. The Ecojohn is attractive, quiet, no odors inside, and easy to use. I had some problems with the unit and was amazed at the one on one help I got from Tech Support at Ecojohn, even though I didn't purchase it from them. They walked me through troubleshooting, patiently. When we figured out the problem they were quick to get the part to me I needed. So many places charge extra to ship to Alaska, when it costs them nothing more than to ship to Iowa. Shipping was fast and they charged me what it cost them, no added "handling" charges.
Now that it's running the way it's supposed to the toilet is a dream. After not having any indoor "plumbing" for almost 15 years, the EcoJohn SR5 is a dream come true for me.
Nancy Alaska

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